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Meet Our Team

Ben Jones

Senior Project Manager & General Manager

Ben is the Senior PM and General Manager here at PublishingPush. He is technically astute and passionate about the industry which makes him an incredible asset to the company and the authors we work with. Ben enjoys the process of helping authors realise a dream of becoming published and retains a sense of pride from being involved in the process of idea to implementation. Ben loves to get his teeth into a project and making it happen. Ben is constantly investing in his craft to expand his publishing knowledge. Ben has received hundreds of 5-star reviews from our customers. Ben is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction publications.

Tarn Walsh

Project Manager

Tarn started her journey with Publishing Push as our receptionist. She was the first point of contact for all our authors. Over time Tarn's role has evolved dramatically at Publishing Push. She has applied her passion for books to become a dedicated and talented project manager. When Tarn isn't crafting books for our lovely authors she can be found without a book in her hand. Tarn is an avid reader and loves talking with our authors about their books and the stories they are creating for their readers. She is immensely passionate about literature and is also an avid historian.

Holly Freeman

Publishing Consultant

For as long as Holly can remember, stories and the art of how they are told has fascinated her. Holly learned that stories are what we can turn to for inspiration in our everyday lives. This passion led to Holly garnering an interest in becoming an actor, which only heightened her adoration for words on a page coming to life. Holly guides our new authors through the process of getting their initial reviews completed, creating quotations and answering all their questions to make sure they are clear about the process and what to expect along the way. Holly is incredibly passionate about storytelling and loves talking with our authors to hear about the story they wish to tell.

Domizia Turchi

Publishing Consultant

Domizia loves languages. She speaks four languages in total. Domizia graduated with a First Class Honours degree from Regent’s University London. Domizia is immensely passionate about language and how we use it to tell stories. Her passion led her to enter the publishing industry via a more traditional publishing house. After learning the ropes there she came to join us at Publishing Push. Domizia wanted to help more authors tell their stories. Domizia’s energy and passion for the industry are unmatched. Domizia guides our new authors through the process of getting their initial reviews completed, creating quotes and answering their questions to make sure they are clear about the process and what to expect along the way.

Emily Prentice

Junior Project Manager

Emily is a Project Manager at Publishing Push. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Exeter, where she trained to analyse all forms of literature. Emily is highly driven and extremely passionate about bringing every author’s artistic vision to life. With a diverse portfolio of publications under her belt; from children’s books to autobiographies and crime fictions, she has proven herself to be methodical, meticulous and efficient. Emily’s professional yet sensitive and individual approach to every unique project has garnered her an impressive array of reviews. She would be thrilled to bring your creative vision to life!

Kristina Howell

Project Manager

Kristina started her career as a conveyancing assistant. She thrived in this high stress role. However, Kristina wanted to apply her project management skills to an industry she was more passionate about. We were thrilled to offer Kristina a role as a Project Manager. Kristina collaborates with authors to turn their publishing dreams into reality. She enjoys working closely with authors, ensuring that they feel fully involved and supported throughout their publishing journey.
Outside of work, Kristina spends her time pottering in her garden, making memories with loved ones and hunting for treasures in charity shops.

Patrick Walsh

Founder and CEO

Patrick has always been a book nerd. As a child he would read the latest Harry Potter book in just a few short days. This passion for books is what led him to create Publishing Push. Patrick wanted to help people tell their stories in their own way.

It's been an incredible decade and Patrick is looking forward to the next 10 years at Publishing Push.

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