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​​What is Copy Editing?

Copy-editing, also known as sub-editing, is the process of revising and preparing a written document for publication by correcting errors, improving readability, ensuring consistency, and making the text more concise and clear. It involves checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and formatting, as well as ensuring the text adheres to a particular style guide. Copy-editing helps enhance the quality and effectiveness of the written material, ensuring it communicates its message clearly to the target audience.

How Does Copy Editing Work?


Understanding the Context

Your copy-editor begins by understanding the purpose, audience, and style of the document.
They take time to familiarize themselves with your voice and the publication's style guide.


Initial Review

The editor conducts a first read-through to understand the overall content and structure. Identify any major issues related to organisation, coherence, and consistency.


Correcting Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation:

Editors review the text for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.
They also ensure the correct usage of words and phrases.


Checking Syntax and Style

Copy-editors ensure sentences are clear, concise, and logically structured. They adjust the tone and style to ensure consistency and appropriateness for the intended audience.


Improving Clarity and Coherence:

Editors will also look to clarify ambiguous language and ensure the text is easy to understand. Another part of their role is to ensure smooth transitions and logical flow between sentences and paragraphs.


Ensuring Consistency

Editors check for consistency in terminology, abbreviations, and capitalisation. They will also be looking to secure uniformity in headings, bullet points, and number lists.


Formatting and Layout

They must also ensure the document adheres to the desired format and layout specifications. This process also includes checking font styles, sizes, and spacing for uniformity.


Cross-Checking References and Links

Verify the accuracy of references, citations, and hyperlinks. They will also establish all quoted, paraphrased, or referenced material is properly cited.


Reviewing Special Elements

Check tables, figures, and images for correct labeling and formatting. Confirm captions, footnotes, and appendices are correctly presented.


Feedback and Communication

Communicate with the author or editor regarding suggested changes and queries. Discuss and resolve any issues or questions that arise during the editing process.


Final Review

Conduct a final review to ensure all changes have been accurately implemented. Confirm that the document is polished, error-free, and ready for publication.



Finalise the edited document for publication or submission. Provide the author or editor with the final copy, summarizing the changes made and any additional suggestions.
Copy-editing is a comprehensive process that enhances the quality, clarity, and professionalism of written materials, ensuring they are ready for publication and effectively communicate their message to the intended audience

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