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We offer comprehensive publishing packages from concept to completion, so you don’t have to lift a finger.


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Struggling to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard)?At Publishing Push, we help you write your book. We work with you to capture your tone, style, and vision – you won’t have to lay a finger on your keyboard.


Looking to bring your book to life with striking visuals? Our Illustrators are on standby, ready to create eye-catching artwork that captures the readers' imagination and inspires them to turn the page.


Our professional editors have extensive experience copy-editing and proofreading books across all genres.

Book Cover Design

Our design team will craft you a unique, professional book cover with unlimited revisions, ensuring your book stands apart from the competition.

Internal Book Design

Also known as formatting and typesetting, we ensure your book is printed and displayed in accordance with standard publishing practices.
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Kate Taylor
“Working with Publishing Push was a complete pleasure...Publishing Push remove the worries and hassles so the Author can progress with their work unencumbered by the technical details of publishing. Publishing Push made the publishing experience extremely straightforward; I would not hesitate to publish through them again or to recommend them to any aspiring author.”
Mark Stuart
“Great experience and first class service! Huge thanks to Sophie and the team!”
“Thank you so much Benjamin and the Publishing Push team! I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and determination to get my book published! You went above and beyond. I am so proud and happy how the book turned out. Such lovely friendly down to earth people! God bless you all! Wishing you all the best! Many thanks, Michelle 😊”
Mr Orchard
“I came to publishing push with very little vision other than my story. Their staff and process made it extremely easy to produce an amazing end product. I am so happy with the outcome. Thank you.”
“Brilliant experience working with Publishing Push. They kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and were supportive...All the staff were easy to communicate with and equally as talented with their skills. They streamlined the process...Would recommended Publishing Push.”
Michael Brookes
“I used Publishing Push to publish my novel and am completely satisfied with the service I received. In all my contacts with the organization, I found staff to be knowledgeable, professional and effective. Their friendly and helpful approach has been a welcome bonus.”

About Us

Start your publishing journey today

Imagine your book in the hands and hearts of readers worldwide. It's not quite the same as holding your first born but it comes pretty close. Whether you've already written your first draft, haven't started writing yet or are super busy and would like us to write it for you we can help. We're dedicated to treating your work with the love it deserves.

Quick Publication, Global Reach

Why wait years to see your book on the shelves? Traditional publishing is slow. If your book is already written we can publish your book in just 12 short weeks. We can help you write and publish your book in under a year. Our distribution methods ensures that all top bookshops can order your book and even feature them in physical stores.

Publishing Expertise - top 1% talent

We only hire the top 1% of publishing talent. This guarantees a polished, high-calibre final product. We have over a decade of experience and unmatched expertise. That is why we are the only choice for authors serious about telling their story.

Join Literary Giants

Join a group of over 4,000+ authors from 15 countries who have achieved their lifelong ambition with us. At Publishing Push, you're not just publishing a book; you're sharing your story with the world. We make sure your book will be available to over 40,000+ outlets across the world - digitally and physically.

No More Chasing, No More Waiting

Say goodbye to the heartbreak of rejection and the agony of waiting. Gone are the days of begging agents and publishers, only to be rejected. With us you're a respected partner in a collaborative publishing journey.

Your Work, Your Earnings, Your Rights

Your book is years of knowledge condensed into a single body of work. We make sure you keep 100% of your NET royalties, can tell your story as you wish it to be told and help you monetise it beyond royalties.

A Global Partner

We work with authors from all over the world. Whether you are based in the UK, USA or somewhere else we can help.

Your Dream, Our Mission

Publishing Push was founded in 2012 by our founder, Patrick Walsh. In his words "There had to be a better way to write and publish great books." And indeed, we've built a better way, for you. We put your book first and help you live your dream of being a published author.

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