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​​What is Internal Book Design?

Internal book design, also known as typesetting or formatting, is the process of arranging and organising the interior content of a book, including text, illustrations, and other elements, to create a polished, professional, and readable final product. It involves selecting appropriate fonts, setting margins, spacing, and headings, and ensuring consistency and aesthetic appeal throughout the book. Proper typesetting enhances the reading experience and ensures the book meets industry standards for publication

How Does Internal Design Work for an Aspiring Author?


Assessment of Content

Formatters begin by assessing the content of your book, including text, illustrations, and other elements. They determine the complexity of the internal design based on the genre and type of book (novel, textbook, cookbook, etc).


Design Software

We use cutting edge design software for typesetting your book. Popular options include Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and specialised book formatting software.We can work with any input.


Selecting Fonts and Styles

Formatters choose appropriate and readable fonts for the body text, headings, and other elements. They also ensure consistency in font styles and sizes throughout the book.


4. Setting Margins and Layout

Define the margins, page size, and layout for your book. Formatters also spend a lot of time on elements like headers, footers, page numbers, and chapter divisions.


Placing Elements

Integrate illustrations, charts, tables, and other visual elements within the text. All these elements are properly aligned, sized, and formatted.


Formatting Text

Typesetters apply consistent formatting to paragraphs, headings, lists, and other text elements. Ensure proper line spacing, text alignment, and indentation.


Creating Special Pages

Design special pages such as the title page, table of contents, dedication, and acknowledgments. These pages are appropriately placed and formatted within the book.


Review and Adjustments

Review the formatted book thoroughly to check for any issues or inconsistencies.Make necessary adjustments to improve the design, layout, and overall appearance


Generating a Proof

Generate a digital or printed proof of the book to review the design in its final form.Check for any issues with text alignment, page breaks, and visual elements


Final Review and Approval

Conduct a final review of the internal design and approve it for publication. Ensure the design meets the authors satisfaction and adheres to industry standards.


Preparing for Publication

Export the final design in the appropriate file format for publication. We confirm all the file specifications to ensure everything prints correct and displays as it should.



We submit the final files to the printer or publishing platform. We check the printed book meets your expectations in terms of design and quality.

Internal book design is a critical aspect of the publishing process that ensures your book is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and accessible for readers. Investing time and attention in quality typesetting will contribute to the book’s success and enhance the reader’s experience.

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